Why Badger Promotions?  

"Knowledge vs Experience"....or "the www. vs integrity".

It's the age of information, "knowledge" is available to anyone and at anytime.   While we all know that just because it's on the web, doesn't make it truth (Wikipedia syndrome) there is also an enormous difference between "knowledge" and "expereince".   The latter requires some "hard knock" application that can only be earned over time.   Is over 25 years enough?  We've been there, done that...and have been involved in providing more than ink on stuff.


Here's a legitimate series of questions/viewpoints...

The www. interface lacks a real face.  Forget the web photo of the on-line help person...like that web site; she/he too is virtual (i.e. a model, not real...and doesn't really work there).  What the web wants is your order and money.  That's the objective, period.  Consequently, we have something called pride and integrity...it's skin in the game, and our interests are to guide you toward the proper decision.  Then you can buy with legitimate knowledge...and confidence.  We care, because you are not just a replaceable mouse click.  You Matter.

Not convinced?  Here's a real test (that at least 95% of people - even other promotional marketing professionals - would fail because they take shortcuts and neglect "the detail" that separates failure and success).  Check out these "bluetooth speakers", just like you would on an e-store site.  What's the difference; they look identical?  BTW: I could make this sort of example with pens, sticky notes, you-name-it...

One has a basic (cheap?) speaker and a battery life of about 2 hours...and costs less than the other that has a Hi-Def Frequency speaker (that rocks) and a 5 hour battery life.  One will get used, the other not so likely--and you risk the recipient being reminded every listen that you're comfortable with "cutting corners" (and you wasted budget on something that won't get used).  Perhaps, better to spend that lower budget on something else that's quality, than deceive yourself and worse, your customer.   You get what you pay for...this is "experience" talking.

Finally, let's address "value-added".   When you are dead set on buying a Bic pen or generic C-handle coffee cup with your logo on it; there is little, beyond processing your order, I can professionally do to help.   Accordingly, our pricing will actually be more than competitive with www sites.   Be mindful the money (overhead) they spend on Google AdWords really isn't adding value to you either, is it?  

Professional Experience, Personal Accountability and better than www site(s) pricing.  That's why Badger Promotions; "experience" our difference--we will help you create & sustain relationships.